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Vertel is the leader in TMN Software. M*Ware TMN Agent Development Environment (ADE) and TMN Manager Development Environment (MDE) are serving ten thousands of network elements and hundreds of satisfied service provider and equipment vendor customers all over the world. 

Vertel sold TMN solutions to many major equipment vendors (including Alcatel, NTT, Nortel and Lucent) and incumbent operators (including AT&T, BT and Deutsche Telekom) all over the world. 

The M*Ware TMN Manager Development Environment (TMN MDE) and TMN Agent Development Environment (TMN ADE) enable developers to easily build customizable, dynamically configurable, CMIP-conformant Managers or Agents. The resulting, fully functional TMN manager or Agent provides the value added, manager or agent role process for network elements, Q-adapters, and mediation devices at the NE, EML, NML, and SML layers of the TMN model. . 

The TMN Manager or Agent Toolkit is provided in an easy-to-implement toolkit form. Its customizable C++ classes provide all the functionality of CMISE and ACSE, but hide the complexities behind an easy-to-use interface. You can implement all or part of the capabilities and functions, or you can customize the agent's capabilities so that it works with particular platforms or constraints.

The TMN Manager Toolkit and the TMN Agent Toolkit expose the TMF TMN/C++ high level API, providing consistent interfaces for CMIS, GDMO, and ASN.1. 

The TMF API's reusable C++ objects let you perform iterative testing--you can easily test independent objects, so that you test only the changes to the MIB instead of the entire information base.

Dynamic MIB loading

The Development Toolkits includes features which makes it possible to choose between the static C++ API or choose to dynamically load the Information Model (MIB) at run-time. The MIB can be updated “on the fly” and the application does not have to be brought down and rebuilt. This substantially reduced the development testing cycle. The dynamic loading further allows the developer to write the application in such a way, that the resulting applications do not need to be brought down either, once in operations. This is a key competitive advantage for network operators.

TMN Object Compiler

By using the TMN Object Compiler, you can skip the tedious and error-prone task of writing code for managed object classes. The TMN Object Compiler generates the C++ interface to your GDMO and ASN.1 MIB specifications. The TMN Object Compiler also performs syntax and semantics checks on your input files.

Besides C++ code, the TMN Object Compiler can generate an HTML version of the MIB, based on your input file(s). This HTML-formatted MIB can then be viewed by any HTML-compatible browser. 

The TMN Object Compiler compiles GDMO and ASN.1 notation from one or more input files. You do not need separate compilers and you do not need to link separate compiler output forms. You can use the files in their standard form, or you can customize input by using non-intrusive directives. 

CMISE Agent and Manager Toolkits

The OSI upper layers provide support for ROSE, ACSE, PRESENTATION and SESSION. TMN CMISE is manager/agent role-independent, and its interface is platform-independent to ease portability. TMN CMISE also includes interfaces to all available transport products. Vertel has compatible products to support all seven layers of the OSI reference model, as well as TCP/IP. 

MDE and ADE offer standard support of Systems Management Functions (SMFs) for object state, event, and log management, use ANSI C++ STL (standard template library) supported data types and include the fully compliant higher layers of the OSI protocol stack-- no third-party tools needed 
MDE and ADE are delivered as a binary product and supported on

  • Windows/NT 4.0 and Windows 2000

  • Sun Solaris 2.6 – 2.8

  • AIX 5.1

  • Redhat and Suse Linux

  • HPUX 11.x

If you use in a different platform please contact your Vertel account manager.

Customers have questioned us how they can extend the use of these solutions to manage diverse systems, networks using different Protocols. 

Our answer is simple- with M*Ware you can add services and interfaces easily. Just buy the components you require and your application becomes available for more protocols or using additional features.

TMN Simulators

The TMN Agent Simulator and TMN Manager Simulator can be used with M*Ware convergent manager with CMIP Interface support or with any TMN-conformant agent or manager. 

The Simulators use standard TCL scripts to emulate the behavior of a TMN-conformant agent or manager. Simulators have graphical user interfaces, are dynamically configurable at run-time, and provide script-generation tools to produce test cases for a particular information model (MIB).

The Simulators also provide a code generation feature that allows you to generate example code based on the objects in your MIB to be used in the Simulator environment...
This feature significantly reduces your development time.

About TMN

The Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) provides a framework for achieving interconnectivity and communication across heterogeneous operating systems and telecommunications networks. 

TMN was developed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as an infrastructure to support management and deployment of dynamic telecommunications services. It provides standardized network management that is flexible, scalable, more cost-effective, and easier to enhance. 

TMN networks adhere to standard means for communicating across networks, and allow distributed processing to appropriate levels for optimum performance, reusability, and efficiency.

TMN provides a model of logical layers, often referred to as “the TMN pyramid,” which defines or suggests a management function layered hierarchy. Starting at the lowest layer, the hierarchy includes the network element layer (NE), element management layer (EML), network management layer (NML), service management layer (SML), and business management layer (BML). Once management is defined at the lower layers, additional management application models can build on top.

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Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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