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Protocol Adaption and Mediation
In the current environment of changing networks, new service providers and equipment vendors and data convergence, there is an ever-increasing need to integrate various protocols. Our PSU has built many adapters and mediation systems integrating a variety of protocols such as SNMP, CORBA, CMIP and TL-1. Through the use of the Vertel Mediation Framework, our PSU is able to build customized solutions in a matter of weeks.

Example Projects

Lucent Wireless: Q-adaptor

Lucent Wireless needed a Q3 adapter to interface their proprietary AUTOPLEX® System 1000 code division multiple access (CDMA) wireless Operations Management Platform with their customer's Operations Support System (OSS). The adapter was needed to mediate between the AUTOPLEX system that exposed a proprietary interface and the customer's OSS that was built using TMN standards and has a CMIP interface.

Fig. 1: CDMA Network Architecture

The PSU developed an architecture that maximized the component reuse that not only shortened the initial development but also provided for simplified ongoing updates. The project was delivered on time within budget and resulted in shortening Lucent's time to market by more than 3 months. If you want to know more….

Alcatel: CORBA adaptor for ADSL

Alcatel required a CORBA interface for Fault, Provisioning and Configuration management to one of their ADSL Service Provider customers. The PSU was chosen because of its vast knowledge and experience developing network management using CORBA.

Alcatel eliminated approximately six months of development time that would have been required for their in-house developers to become experts on the CORBA standards and the associated implementation tools such as CORBA Telecom Logging, Naming and Event service. Vertel was able to develop the interface within both the Alcatel budget and delivery timeframes which led to further development work for Vertel in this area. If you want to know more….



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