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Network Agent Development
Our PSU professionals have gained experience in building network agents based upon a variety of protocols such as CMIP, CORBA and SNMP. We can quickly develop an agent for any major telecom domain including ADSL, SONET/SDH and ATM. Vertel has been an active member of many industry standard organizations including TMF, ITU, SIF and ATM-Forum. Our solution architects are able to combine this knowledge with their industry experience to create the Network management agents which will meet your customers requirements and OSS systems.

The Network management agents being developed consist of protocol modules, command line interfaces and configuration databases.

Example Projects
Centerpoint needed a Command Line interface for their flagship product LENS 1220. Centerpoint decided to outsource this development to Vertel so it could focus its engineers on application development and on projects enhancing the LENS 1220 capabilities. The PSU delivered the first phase of the solution within 3 months, dramatically reducing Centerpoint's time to market. If you want to know more….



Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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