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Architecture & Consulting Services

The PSU provides consultancy services for software architecture and model development. Our professionals are well versed in wireless, access and transmission standards and have developed solution architectures for all of these domains. Engagements range anywhere from 1 week high-level architecture consulting to 3 months Information Model designs.

Example Projects

GPRS resource model development

AT&T Wireless needed a versatile network model to manage the new GPRS network using one high-level network management operations support system (OSS). The challenge was to incorporate all the heterogeneous interfaces, and to represent all the essential information required to manage the network.

Figure 1: GPRS Logical Architecture

Using its telecommunications expertise and comprehensive knowledge of wireless management standards, Vertel developed a resource model in UML bas. Vertel also used its expertise in protocol mediation to ensure that the model could be readily translated to SNMP, CMIP and CORBA management protocols, allowing the widest choice of Network Equipment during the building of the network. If you want to know more….

TMF 509 and TMF 814 Implementation

For a leading transmission equipment manufacturer Vertel developed a CORBA interface between the Element Management System (EMS) and the Network Management System (NMS) based upon TMF 509. Vertel is a member of the TeleManagement Forum and actively participated in the development of the TMF 509 standard. Because Vertel had developed most of the model and had therefore extensive knowledge of the standard the PSU was able to provide the customer which a working CORBA implementation in a matter of months. If you want to know more….



Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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