M*Ware Exchange

Manual interfacing processes between the communication service provider and its providers, partners and customers, dramatically impact operational costs and service quality. 

New, complex services like 3G will require intense collaboration between different network, access, and content providers. M*Ware Exchange provides to the “services industry” the same benefits that Value Chain Management solutions have been providing to the “physical goods” industries for quite some time.

Focus on your core competence, outsource the rest

Electronic collaboration for networks and services requires more than a basic document exchange solution. Next to content and process work flow, direct feeds from, and to, OSSs may provide a lot of extra value for both provider and customer. Standard web e-commerce technology is not monitored end-to-end.

M*Ware Exchange solutions are now available for all Service Management Processes, designed to extend your automated enterprise. 

Step one:

Ticket Exchange

Ticket Exchange adds the automated exchange of trouble tickets to your existing customer care system and is the ideal solution to interconnect different systems within your enterprise or a closed work group. Resident at your facility to ensure absolute control from an operational, information confidentiality and security standpoints, and providing the option to offer Ticket Exchange to your customers 

Ticket Exchange can be rapidly deployed without changing the existing CRM systems or processes
Next to interfaces to popular systems, such as Remedy, Clarify, Siebel, Peoplesoft and Peregrine, Ticket Exchange supports telecom-specific standards (such as T1.227/228. X.790) and the newest interfaces such as OSS-J TT.

Ticket Exchange is not just about dollars and cents. Please read about the Vertel’s M*Ware exchange services affect on process quality to see what it does for your service and customer satisfaction. 

M*Ware Ticket Exchange provides secure, reliable collaboration with partners and customers, exactly like your CRM system is already doing inside your own organization. 

Contact your Vertel Sales manager today, and calculate how much money we can save for you, and how much increased customer satisfaction we can create together.



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