M*Ware™ Convergent Manager - Agent Configuration

Advanced, model driven, multi protocol Agent technology 

  • Implement management that you can easily expand

  • Select the vendor that can support management at all levels

  • Go for proven, reliable, scalable and high performing technology

M*Ware Convergent Management contains an embedded agent, fully based on the model-driven, scalable, robust M*Ware platform. This convergent embedded configuration provides the equipment vendors with an off-the-shelf solution that supports various network management protocols like CORBA, TL1, CMIP, SNMP, and XML, for management of their equipments thereby increasing the marketability of their products

An agent is a software module providing a management interface that is embedded in a network element or acting as a proxy on a server. This interface is used by the element or network management systems to configure and manage the network elements. 

For equipment vendors, using an agent development framework that supports multiple management protocols is a differentiating factor in these fiercely competitive times.

Vertel has been delivering advanced network management technology to major telecom equipment vendors around the world for many years. 

M*Ware is designed by some of the best minds in network management, and provides not only the interfaces required for today, but also a powerful platform to support additional future functionality and interfaces that carriers demand from the equipment manufacturers. 

Application logic is coded to the classes generated by the M*Ware compiler suite independent of the protocol interfaces. The protocol interfaces are mapped to application classes after getting converted from specific transport protocols into normalized data structures, and enters the M*Ware core. The information is then processed by the M*Ware core for data validation and database handling purposes. The information is handed off to the application logic at appropriate points for making decisions and communication with the back end resources.

M*Ware Convergent management- embedded agent contains several M*Ware services such as Notification and Log system management functions and can easily be enriched by plugging in other optional services (e.g. alarm summarization and fault tolerance).

The diagram below depicts the configuration of the M*Ware embedded configuration:

M*Ware Agent Framework
  • Supports multiple protocols (CORBA, SNMP, TL1, CMIP, XML/XMI, etc.)
  • UML-based information model
  • Powerful transaction-based management platform

Object Request Broker

  • OMG-compliant ORBs

Database Support

  • RAIMA/psePRO and other relational database such as Oracle


  • Pre-ported to Windows NT/2000®, Solaris 2.8®, ®
  • Others available on request

Equipment Management

  • Management of physical racks, slots, and circuit packs

DSO/DS1 Facility Management

DS3 Facility Management

ATM Management

  • Virtual channel link
  • Virtual path link
  • Virtual channel cross connect
  • Virtual path cross connect

State Management and Relationship Management

Configuration Management with well-defined API’s to backend resources

Performance Management with well-defined API’s to backend resources

Well-Defined Equipment Discover and Upload APIs

Well-Defined Fault Reporting APIs

Persistent Storage for crash recovery

Fault Tolerance for Cold/Hot Standby



Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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