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Competitive pressures will increasingly push enterprises to implement real-time information solutions. Up-to-date information requires advanced network applications and integration. M*Ware™ includes all the desired functions and services to make the creation, implementation and linkage of networks, OSS and BSS (both custom and packaged) less expensive and quicker.

Vertel developed a range of M*Ware based Solutions including:

  • OSI protocol and TMN solutions: 
    The Vertel ADE/MDE for TMN/CMIP integration, the leading solutions in this market for many years
  • M*Ware Platform: 
    The Vertel M*Ware platform for the rapid development of Network Management solutions
  • M*Ware Exchange Services
    Electronic OSS bonding enables seamless and effective network information management between multiple organizations (work centers, trading partners, wholesale and retail and customers)
  • Vertel Professional Services offer optimal usage of our leading technology and specialized expertise in turn key customized solutions. 



Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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