Many of the present telecom equipment use the TMN standard. Vertel is the leading vendor of TMN integration tools compliant to the CMIP and OSI network management standards.

TMN Simulators

The TMN Agent Simulator and TMN Manager Simulator can be used with M*Ware convergent manager with CMIP Interface support or with any TMN-conformant agent or manager. 

The Simulators use standard TCL scripts to emulate the behavior of a TMN-conformant agent or manager. Simulators have graphical user interfaces, are dynamically configurable at run-time, and provide script-generation tools to produce test cases for a particular information model (MIB).

The Simulators also provide a code generation feature that allows you to generate example code based on the objects in your MIB to be used in the Simulator environment...
This feature significantly reduces your development time.

TMN Application Development

To develop TMN managers or agents, M*Ware Convergent manager (core configuration) provides all the functions of the well-known Vertel MDE and ADE and a lot of new important development features. It enables developers to easily build customizable, dynamically configurable, and scalable TMN-conformant manager applications. It automates most of the tasks associated with building a manager application and its integrated components lead the project team through each stage of manager application development--design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

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Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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