Vertel Embedded Telecommunication Solutions (ETS) products provide communication services and management among operation support systems (OSSs), network elements (NEs) and gateway network elements (GNEs). 

There are different Vertel ETS products/components, all are designed to run on VxWorks and since ETS is given in source code, the user can easily port it to any target embedded system running a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

Embedded Telecom Stack (OSI LAN)
Embedded Telecom Stack (RFC 1006)
Embedded Telecom Stack (WAN, X25)
Embedded Telecom Stack (FTAM)
Embedded Telecom Stack (UPPER)
Embedded Telecom Stack (IS)
Embedded Telecom Stack (DCC)
Embedded Telecom Stack (TARP)
Embedded Telecom Stack (TL1 API)

ETS was designed with Network element hardware and software vendors in mind. ETS products are widely-deployed and standards-based, and work with a variety of integrated, modular products and components. ETS contains a fully conformant OSI protocol stack as well as a CMIP Agent specifically designed for RTOS environments


Vertel UNIX/NT Telecommunications Solutions (UTS) products provide standards-conformant OSI protocol products that are fully integrated with other Vertel products. UTS products are supported on Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT and 2000, and AIX.


UTS-NetLink is an open systems interconnection (OSI) transport product that provides data transmission services for any OSI-conformant application such as CMIP applications. 

UTS-NetLink contains 

  • UTS-TCP (RFC-1006), 

  • UTS-WAN (X.25) and 

  • UTS-LAN (CLNP) protocol stacks.

UTS-FTAM (File Transport, Access, and Management)

Vertel UTS-FTAM is a CMIP application that, when integrated, allows user applications to perform the system functions necessary for uploading and downloading system images, configurations, backups and log files. UTS-FTAM allows developers to easily build applications that support simple, unstructured file transfer, access, and management (FTAM) for initiator and responder implementations on UNIX and NT Systems.

The product enables an initiator application that allows for multiple clients to register and utilize FTAM services via an application programmer interface (API). The initiator may be used to generate transfers to any system running an FTAM-compliant responder. UTS-FTAM provides a responder that can interoperate with the Vertel FTAM initiator, or with any FTAM-compliant initiator.

UTS-FTAM is fully conformant to ISO 8571. It is modular, and functional modules may be customized or replaced to suit the implementation environment.



Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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