M*Ware™ implements OSS-J

Service providers need carrier-grade OSS solutions in Internet time. 

M*Ware is designed to develop and enable best OSS solutions with flexible and open architectures. Therefore M*Ware supports a wide range of standards and standardization initiatives. 

The OSS through JavaTM Initiative is a working group of industry leaders who have joined resources to speed the development of innovative OSS/BSS solutions and enable fast deployment and integration of OSS components. OSS-J will leverage the work of existing standards bodies and forums particularly in the area of information modeling.

The Initiative defines and implements an open, standard set of Java™ technology-based APIs that help jumpstart the implementation of end-to-end services on next-generation wireless networks and leverage the convergence of telecommunications and Internet-based solutions.

The members of the OSS through Java™ Initiative are convinced that the fastest and most flexible way to develop OSS solutions is to embrace a multi-tier architecture, based on reusable components and container technology, with client access either by tightly or loosely coupled mechanisms. 

This is precisely what M*Ware does and enables.

M*Ware supports and M*Ware implementations have been used to enhance the basic information models, developed by the OSS-J group.

M*Ware Ticket Exchange has implemented and delivered a gateway between two major telecom providers , using the OSS Trouble ticketing API definitions between an XML Tibco/ OSS-J Interface and a CMIP/T1.227-228 based system.

The OSS-J Quality of Service API and Service activation API have also tested with M*Ware.

The presently available OSS-J interfaces are: 
JSR # Title Status
  OSS through Java Design Guidelines Version 1.1
000091 OSS Trouble Ticket API Final Release
000089 OSS Service Activation API Final Release
000144 OSS Common API Final Release
000130 OSS IP Billing API Final Release
000090 OSS Quality of Service API Final Release
000142 OSS Inventory API Public Review

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