M*Ware™ Interfaces allows users to connect to a variety of network element and systems using different protocol interfaces.

M*Ware interfaces can be built in different layers to accommodate the wide variety of different physical interfaces and different protocols. There are interfaces for all established and newest standard protocols.

Following is the list of standard M*Ware interfaces supported:

  • CMIP 

  • SNMP 

  • TL1 

  • ASCII 

  • CORBA 

  • XML 

More than 95% of networks and systems use one of the above interfaces. All Interfaces can act in both Manager/Agent and Client/Server role.

Metadata driven

M*Ware interfaces can be customized to communicate with different systems by using the meta-data.

To make two systems communicate, they need to understand not only the protocol, but also the specific information model. A wide range of existing vendor network equipment and systems is already connected using M*Ware interfaces. Ask your Vertel Sales Manager for a detailed list of supported equipments. 

Advanced Interfaces

For several standard interfaces, there are enhanced versions available supporting specific standards. For example, there are dedicated CORBA-based adapters for MTNM and 3GPP, and there are enhancements for the XML adapter to support (eb) XML. M*Ware also supports diverse OSS-J interfaces.

Fully proprietary protocols

Some networks and systems still use fully proprietary protocols that cannot be serviced by any of the standard interfaces. M*Ware includes the necessary tools to develop a custom or proprietary adapter in these situations. M*Ware also offers some readymade custom adapters, e.g. to the Remedy ARS system

Building a customized adapter requires specialist knowledge,  In any cases required, Vertel Professional Services is available to help solve this challenge.

Contact your Vertel sales manager to get all the details.



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