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Network information technology is different: Standard middleware and EAI(Enterprise Application Integration) products are not made for it.

The efficient handling of network data and the complex telecommunication protocols, models and standards, demands a SPECIALIZED SOLUTION. 


M*Ware 6.2 is the only completely standards-based product specialized to enable rapid development of multi-protocol network applications.

M*Ware consolidates all required functionality for C++ and Java telecommunication application developers. M*Ware includes a wide variety of ready-built components from the network element layer (embedded agents, protocol stacks etc..) up to the service management layer (SLA management, customer management, ticket management etc..) .

There are four groups of M*Ware Product components: 

  1. M*Ware Core Platform and Information Engine: 
    Providing the basic functions and APIs for the application server, supporting a variety of platforms, databases, ORBs, and reporting tools

  2. Interfaces
    Providing connectivity to networks and systems

  3. Services
    A service is an application module providing a specific functionality to the desired M*Ware application. A service is an independent entity containing a very advanced, standard-based solution to a specific set of (process) requirements

The M*Ware product components are combined and configured to build any type of network information applications that are fully distributed for scalability, reliability and security and NG-OSS compliant.



Vertel offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service management.
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