Since 1995, Vertel has provided network management, mediation/integration and exchange solutions to telecom infrastructure vendors ,service providers, system integrators and OSS vendors such as Alcatel, AT&T, BT, Cingular, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Korea Tel, Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, NTT, Samsung, and WilTel. 

Vertel M*Ware™ is mostly used inside the commercial solutions of our customers. Vertel’s in-depth knowledge and commitment to industry standards, combined with experience of working with many different equipment types, creates high performance solutions that enable customers to quickly cross technological barriers. Vertel’s mission is to make its customers successful by enabling them to reduce operational costs and introduce new services, networks and OSSs while leveraging existing investments. 

Dynamic Mediation Convergent Manager  Exchange
Network Operator  Wire line Example cases Example cases Example cases
Network Operator  Wireless Example cases
Example cases
Example cases
Network Equipment Vendor Wire line  Example cases Example cases
Network Equipment Vendor Wireless Example cases
System Integrator   Example cases Example cases Example cases
OSS Vendor  Example cases

Some of the real examples of what M*Ware can do for:

Mobile operator requiring a multi-vendor Network Management solution
Mobile operator requiring integration for Inventory and Provisioning
Network equipment vendor requiring 3GPP interface
Network equipment vendor requiring for multiple equipment management solution
Mobile operator requiring integration between networks and the billing system
Service Provider integrating a provisioning system with diverse networks
Network Operator requiring a customized Network management solution 
Network Operator requiring a convergent Element Manager
Service Provider group merging different networks
Wholesale network provider requiring a ticketing gateway
Network Provider implementing an overall QoS system for three networks
Operators requiring process convergence of diverse internal work centers
Network Provider requiring information modeling for 3G services
System Integrator offering billing integration
System Integrator offering special NM solution
OSS-Vendor requiring a storage management solution
OSS-Vendor developing new management solution

Vertel does not provide detailed customer references without a signed Mutual Confidentiality Agreement.

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Professional Services Case Studies

Alcatel CORBA Interface to ADSL Element Management Sytem
AT&T Wireless: GPRS Resource Model Development
Vertel Command Line and SYSLOG Interface
Lucent Technologies: Q3 Adapter Software for AUTOPLEX® Wireless System
TMF 509 and TMF 814 outsourcing to Vertel


M*Ware includes carrier grade components for:

  • Protocols such as TMN, CORBA, TL-1, SNMP and(eb)XML

  • Information model standards such as GDMO, UML and CIM

  • Application architectures such as NG-OSS and OSS-J

  • Interfaces to Networks and systems such as Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Lucent, Marconi, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nortel, Samsung and Siemens

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