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Vertel is a leading u provider of convergent service management mediation solutions. Vertel’s high performance solutions enable customers to quickly and cost effectively introduce new services, networks and OSSs while leveraging existing investments. 

Using the M*Ware driven Development Environment (DE), Vertel has created a full suite of mediation based applications that can address protocol translation, data transformation, element and network management, OSS application integration, and OSS exchange services. Vertel’s product offerings allow seamless management in multi-technology and multi-vendor environments. Vertel also develops communications software solutions that fit individual customer requirements through its Professional Services organization
Vertel offers 16 years of communication software expertise. The company’s 300+ global customers include Lucent Technologies, Alcatel, AT&T, NTT, Nokia, and Motorola.

Vertel M*Ware enables efficient convergence by rapid, reusable and easily maintainable integration of networks and support systems. M*Ware also offers a very advanced configurable environment for convergent management systems (multi technology element, network, service and umbrella management).

Vertel provides leading technology for networks and network support system integration and development of convergent management applications. With M*Ware’s configurable and re-usable building blocks, our customers reduce up to 60 % of their solution development, implementation and maintenance costs. Vertel M*Ware enables lowest Total Cost of Ownership
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