Network Equipment Vendors (NEV) choose M*Ware  
to develop flexible management solutions and to maintain a fully integrated product offering over varied product lines.

M*Ware is the industry’s most widely deployed, reliable and cost-efficient, fully convergent platform for network integration and management. M*Ware provides our NEV customers with a consistent answer. 
  • Reduced management system development costs 
  • A convergent solution that limits the number of EMSs 
  • A component-based Management solution, that combines maximal customization with efficient and consistent COTS functions
  • Usable for all types of equipment and networks 
  • Integration software between network elements, EMSs, and NMSs which is easy to add, customize, and maintain 
  • Support for existing and new standards, and the interfaces to other NEVs 

From Nokia to Ericsson, from Motorola to Alcatel, Marconi and Lucent

Network equipment vendors (NEVs) need to continuously demonstrate leading technology and competitive advantages to achieve their business goals. 

Internally, legacy and the different equipment groups sometimes provide isolated solutions and it is difficult to maintain interoperability and compatibility across the total portfolio. 

For their operator customers, the NEV has to provide state-of-the-art solutions for challenges like: 

  • the high number of different Element Management systems; 
  • the difficult customization of these element managers; 
  • the diverse systems that must communicate with network elements; and,
  • The limitations for convergence in the lower management layers. 

For an NEV to become the service management vendor of choice, a convincing multi-vendor support solution and open interfaces are required. 

Network equipment vendors have always been key customers for Vertel. Vertel has been the leading provider of management development solutions to leading NEVs for more than 16 years now. With M*Ware, a unique combination of mediation and network management components and development environment, Vertel again has made a quantum jump ahead of competitors. 


M*Ware includes carrier grade components for:

  • Protocols such as TMN, CORBA, TL-1, SNMP and(eb)XML

  • Information model standards such as GDMO, UML and CIM

  • Application architectures such as NG-OSS and OSS-J

  • Interfaces to Networks and systems such as Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Lucent, Marconi, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nortel, Samsung and Siemens

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